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Patty Hearst at Mel's Sporting Goods

  • 1 min read

Patty Hearst at Mel's Sporting Goods

Have you been watching the multi-part CNN original series, "The Radical Story of Patty Hearst?" If so, we thought you might enjoy this vintage drawing of Ray Marta's we found when sorting through work from his Oakland Tribune newspaper days.

In this graphite and ink drawing, you can see Patty Hearst in the foreground wearing a black wig and pants while firing a rifle. This depicts the infamous 1974 SLA theft from Mel's Sporting Goods in Inglewood, California. If you'd like to read more about the incident, here are a couple of interesting articles:

This illustration was probably created to accompany a feature article about Patty. If you want to see the CNN series, it airs Sunday at 9 pm and 10 pm ET/PT

Ray's work is varied and extensive, covering a wide range of topics and styles. He left behind an extensive catalog of work and we enjoy discovering the hidden gems.