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Denise studied illustration at the Academy of Art in San Francisco and the Art Institute of Southern California in Laguna Beach, where she explored a variety of styles and techniques. She has applied her skills to murals, portraits and hand-painted furniture as well as visual displays for retailers like Saks Fifth Avenue.

Denise's studio work ranges from vibrant retro-space paintings and illustrations for children's stories to more subdued watercolors of the natural environment. Denise's fertile imagination is fed by her avid reading habit, curiosity about our world and her innate sense of humor. Trained in illustration and fine art, Denise continues to create an eclectic body of work as varied as her interests.

Denise's work appears in private homes, corporations, schools and fitness clubs. We continue to update her inventory as more becomes available, so return often to see what's new.

Retro Space Collection

Here's a sample of Denise's new series of paintings that captures the essence of space age thrills in acrylic and ink on canvas. No computer wizardry at work here, just hand crafted fun.  (p.s. there's a flying saucer in every painting if you can find it!)

Botanical Collection

Denise's mother was an avid gardener and she grew up in a home nestled against the hills and surrounded by the natural world. Her appreciation for nature is represented by her botanical collection, which includes mixed media works combining watercolor with ink to help capture the essence of her subject.

Illustration Collection

From colorful illustrations for children's stories to interpretive portraits and graphic elements, Denise's illustration style varies with subject matter and assignment. You never know what to expect from this collection!