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Vintage Rugs


The Bird Whisperer Joybot

  • Artist: Denise Marta-Burch

    This Joybot has a way with words...for birds, that is. Whether the birds are just curious or engaged in a conversation, who’s to say? Only the Joybot knows for sure. We can only guess.

    Inspired by vintage Japanese toys, Denise's Joybots are happy reminders that we're each capable of child-like joy, if we only let it shine through.

    Printed in high resolution on lustrous 314 gsm Legacy Platine 100% cotton paper paper to reproduce the subtle and vibrant colors of the original painting. 

    Original: Acrylic and ink on canvas

    Limited edition of 250. Giclée print ready for framing with mat and backer board.

        • Medium print with mat to fit in 14 x 11 frame
        • Large print with mat to fit in 20 x 16 frame
        • Extra-Large print with mat to fit in 24 x 20 frame

    On-screen images may contain RA watermark. Framed images are for illustration purposes only.

    The original 24 x 20 painting is currently available. Contact us for more information.