The Atomic Ray

Denise Marta-Burch

  • Artist: Denise Marta-Burch

    The Atomic Ray is charged with the power to zap intruders back to whatever quadrant of the galaxy they came from. Hold the trigger and let the power-meter build before repelling any monster in your path. This colorful painting from Denise's new Space Age series lets you relive the thrilling era of pulp science fiction.

    Printed in high resolution on lustrous Legacy Platine paper to capture the vibrant colors of 1950's era toys and illustrations. 

    A sure hit with collectors and lovers of space age toys.

    Original: Acrylic and ink on canvas

    Limited edition of 200. Giclée print ready for framing with mat and backer board.

    • Medium print with mat to fit in 8 x 10 frame
    • Large print with mat to fit in 11 x 24 frame

    On-screen images contain RA watermark

    Original available for sale, please contact us for more information.

Type: Giclee Print