Denise Marta-Burch

  • Artist: Denise Marta-Burch

    When you're a Space Ranger in a jam and need help, call for Robo-Dude! With his universal programming, he's a neat-o robot that's keen to help with anything you need!

    This colorful painting from Denise's new Space Age series lets you relive the thrilling era of pulp science fiction. A sure hit with collectors and lovers of space age toys.

    Printed in high resolution on lustrous Legacy Platine paper to capture the color and vibrance of 1950's era toys. 

    Original: Acrylic and ink on canvas

    Limited edition of 250. Giclée print ready for framing with mat and backer board.

    • Medium print with mat to fit in 12 x 12 frame

    On-screen images contain RA watermark

    Original sold and now in private collection.

Type: Giclee Print